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Visit to John Hartford Grave

Notes From The Road: This is my “Pete’s-eye view” feature on this site, with reports on interesting people and events I encounter in my travels.

When in Nashville, I recommend you visit this special place in the Springhill Cemetery in Madison near the Cumberland River, I have been there three times now. Joan and I first visited on the day a lovely gazebo was put in place there. Right before playing the Grand Ole Opry last August, Tim and Nick and I, and my son Will, went there to play music and reflect. We saw the new headstone created by long-term friend, the outstanding artist Willy Matthews. John meant so much to me, as a musician, an inspiration, mentor, and a great friend. His dear wife Marie, who died 6 months after John, is next to him. It’s a beautifully landscaped and spacious spot, a perfect place for people to pay tribute to a unique American musical great and his wonderful wife.

My last time with John and Marie was at their house, in the last month of his life, as part of a steady pilgrimage of people there to keep John company and play music for him all day long, day after day. A remarkable and moving situation. You can read more about it in the Notes From the Road section below.

Read about my last visit with John.

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