Pete Wernick\'s Live Five (now FLEXIGRASS) - Up All Night

Wonderful unit. Wernick is one of the world’s greatest exponents of Scruggs-styled 5-string banjo and he provides the bluegrass anchor to the band’s sound. It’s so much fun you’ll want to stay up all night listening to it again and again.

Sing Out!

I have enjoyed it very much, and my listeners have too. Great new stuff !!!!

Sharon Wiggins
WRFG Atlanta

An infectious sound that many not sit well with traditionalists, but will certainly get you tapping your feet. The combination really works.

Bluegrass Unlimited

I list Up All Night as one of the best albums of the year.

John Weingart
WPRB, Princeton, NJ

I was unsure how my listeners would react to drums, vibes, and a clarinet in bluegrass music. As most of my audience prefers hard core bluegrass, as well as the old time sound, I thought that this project may be a turnoff for them. I was overwhelmed by the amount of requests that I received while the entire CD was playing. They couldn’t get enough of this project. As a fan of other genres of music I thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of seemingly different instruments to come together and make such a beautiful sound. I will be carrying this CD with me for several weeks to come in order to fulfill all of the requests I have received. I can’t wait for your next release!

Al Shusterman
Backroads Bluegrass
KCBL Sacramento, CA

A fun collection and great listening especially if someone asks you to play something new! Supercharged and highly enjoyable.

There are seven Pete Wernick originals and they all feature marvelous interplay between the instruments. The bluegrass tunes all have that hard driving mastertone banjo sound that Pete can do so well… wonderful vibes.

Bluegrass by the Bay

There are so many bluegrass fusion things happening that don’t work and you guys have managed to sound like yourselves instead of some BG guys playing jazz or vice versa.

The Live Five (now Flexigrass) prove that there is only good music and bad music. This is good music!

Chris Teskey
WPKN Bridgeport, CT

One doesn’t usually associate the 5-string banjo with ragtime or early jazz, nor does one usually associate the vibes and clarinet with bluegrass. Enter Pete Wernick’s Live Five (now Flexigrass). They make it all happen. And this is good, fun music. Covering jazz standards like “Alabamy Bound,” “Sweet Georgia Brown” and “seven Come Eleven” to Foggy Mountain Breakdown” and “Soldiers Joy” along with seven Wernick originals, “Up All Night will delight all listeners who give this CD a spin.

The Black Rose

Top notch stuff.

Fergus Stone,
KGNU Boulder

A wild and wonderful ride of jazz, blues, and yes, bluegrass. A soaring, swinging, tender clarinet by Bill Pontarelli chastises Pete’s punchy banjo as both explore previously unrealized boundaries. Vibes (yeah, vibes!!), another marchine-gun instrument, accent and punctuate the music in melodic percussion, and do a good job of keeping up with the banjo. Those triple solos, clarinet banjo and vies, in “On a Roll”, a Wernick original, made me swing in my seat. The bluesy, mellow mood of “Up All Night”, another Wernick tune, spotlights the vibes and clarinet – my favorite of the album. Want to jump into a new music genre without getting too far afield from bluegrass? Then I highly recommend “Up All Night” and Pete Wernick’s Live Five (now Flexigrass).

Pickers In a Jam

The on air Programmer has come to check on me, guess I’m giggling in joy a little too loud. What a delightful combo. I expect some major charting action.

Jerry Tiemann, Music Director
KAFM Grand Junction, CO

It’s great music.

Bluegrass Live!

This ought to bring a big smile on the faces of Lionel Hampton, Pete Fountain, and definitely, Earl Scruggs. It certainly has my toes a-tappin’ and me a-grinnin’!

Sonny Van Gelder
KBCS Bellevue, WA

Bluegrass? Jazz? Darn good whatever you call it. Love the Live Five!

Joe and Dora Wills
WBZC Bricktown, NJ