Tough Banjo Love Result: “My breaks are mine”


Duane writes: In BNL this month you mention seeing you run a jam hosted by Steve Martin on your website. Can’t find it anywhere… Would you mind sending me the link?… Read More

Reflections on Letterman Show: Part 2


Our TV appearance got all sorts of interesting reactions in the month after we were on. In emails and at the IBMA conference in particular, so many folks said they stayed up late the night of the show, to see us and root us on. We even had reports of people cheering in front of their TV sets (!) and lots of compliments on the playing, especially Earl’s tone!… Read More

Reflections on Letterman Show 1


Well, we did it! Five banjos, two guitars, one mandolin, and a piano, playing Foggy Mt. Breakdown at top speed for three and a half minutes. Wouldn’t be such a big deal, but in this case something made it daunting – being on the David Letterman show. National TV! Yow!… Read More

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