Here in one place are all banjo solos recorded by Pete Wernick, from 1971 to the present.
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“This unique archive is largely thanks to the dedicated and generous work of Brian Ford of Duluth, MN. Brian’s years of diligent effort now allows others to explore my life’s work as a banjo player. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy learning to play these solos with the blending of melody and meaningful ornamentation I’ve tried to create.”

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“I have followed Pete Wernick since his days in Country Cooking. He is a premier artistic stylist. He rejects the mundane, shapes the new, and provides pathways for the rest of us. His taste and melodic integrity rank him as one of the country’s artistic treasures. His inventive concept, dynamics, and brilliant, attractive inventions make him the love of people who have never before heard the art of banjo as well as delighting seasoned professionals.”— Pat Cloud