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Pete Supporting Local Agrivoltaics

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Two miles from my house is the site of a breakthrough development in energy and agriculture — the largest commercial research site for agrivoltaics in the U.S.! And I get to help promote it — by playing my banjo.

Jack’s Solar Farm has 3276 panels on 4 acres, supplying electricity for 300 homes. But not only that — *underneath* all those raised solar panels are robust crops, thriving in partial shade, using less water to produce 4 acres of vegetables! My friend Byron Kominek who runs the place occasionally puts on open-house events to show the public this promising experiment creating both food and electricity. I was available on a Saturday in mid-July, and in the shade of a solar panel added my banjo music to the festive atmosphere. Check out the 4-minute video about agrivoltaics at Jack’s!

Pete making music in the cool shade of a solar collector

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