Domestic (U.S.)


  • Orders totaling more than $100 ship free Priority to the U.S.   
  • Two or more items *not including T-shirts* can ship free to the U.S. if Media Mail option is chosen (allow 20 days, usually 7-10).

Most orders sent by PRIORITY SHIPPING:

  • Shipments of up to 1 pound sent 1st class or Priority for a charge of $4 (allow 7 days, usually 3-4)
  • For all orders not covered by the above, Priority shipping charge is $8 for up to 3 pounds, $13 for over 3 pounds.

SPECIAL NOTICE re STORE shipping: Due to U.S. Postal Service Overload

  • Priority Orders received by Noon, Colorado (Mountain) Time on MONDAY 12/16 will be shipped that day for VERY LIKELY delivery by 12/24. We cannot guarantee Priority Delivery by 12/24 after that date, and cannot be realistically 100% certain of delivery even if received by the above time.
  • “FASTEST POSSIBLE shipping” orders received by Noon, Colorado (Mountain) Time on THURSDAY 12/19 will be sent that day and will have an excellent chance of arrival (though we can’t guarantee) by 12/24. Shipments of any orders received by the above time will also be sent, with no guarantees of holiday delivery.


  • up to 3 lbs: $29, 3-4 lbs: $40, 5 lbs: $55, 6+ lbs: $60 (allow up to 4 days, usually 2)


  • Canadian orders: under 9oz: $11, 9-32oz: $16, 33-48oz: $25, 49+oz: $37
  • Other international orders: under 9oz: $14, 9-32oz: $24, 33-48oz: $35, 49+oz: $55