Winner: Round #2

A Fifth of Fun (Waynesville, NC)
“The Crawdad Song”

• Paul – Dobro
• Steve – Banjo
• Pat – Fiddle
• Joe – Guitar

Winner: Round #1

Possum Track Pickers (Raleigh, NC)
“Over in the Glory Land”

• Alan – Bass, Lead Vocals
• Susan – Mandolin, Vocals
• Lisa – Fiddle, Vocals
• Stephen – Guitar
• Don – Clawhammer Banjo
• Fred – Banjo, Jam Host
• Savannah – Videographer & Editor

2nd Place Winner, Round 1 – Lonesome Alligator Band, St. Petersburg, FL

How to Enter

  1. Video an outdoor jam with 3 or more pickers properly distanced
  2. Complete the form below
  3. Upload ONE song on Facebook by September 12th with this hashtag: #SafeJamContest
  1. Go to your Facebook account, or create an account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Click “What’s on your mind, [Name]?” at the top of your News Feed.
  3. Type your post message (be creative!), including the required hashtag; just copy/paste this if you like: #SafeJamContest
  4. Make sure the Audience is set to “Public”
  5. Click on the green Photo/Video icon, which will prompt you to navigate to the location on your computer where you have saved the video file.
  6. Once the video has loaded, click the blue Post button to complete the process.
  7. Questions? See these tech specs; or contact us at [email protected].


* First Prize: THREE Jam DVDs + 3 JAM Songbooks + 3 Let’s Pick t-shirts
* Second Prize: TWO Jam DVDs + 2 JAM Songbooks + 2 Let’s Pick t-shirts
* Third Prize: ONE Jam DVD + 1 JAM Songbook + 1 Let’s Pick t-shirt

Entries rated on:

  1. Safety (50 points): Distanced outside. Other safety measures:
    • No loud singing. For volume, use mic on stand with amp
    • Be watchful not to be downwind of a singer.
    • Masks recommended when not singing.
    • Slip-ups happen, so everyone should feel free to kindly remind others to follow safety precautions.
  2. Music quality (25 points): “If it sounds good it must be good.”
  3. Video quality (15 points): Clear and steady video, good sound quality, can hear the singers and soloists. Tip: landscape mode is usually preferred over portrait mode.
  4. Entertainment value (10 points): Humor/attire/attitude/?


Wayne Benson and Kristin Scott Benson (Spartanburg, SC)
Pierre Bastide
(Paris, FR)
 Pete Wernick and Joan Wernick (Niwot, CO)


Round #1 Winners!

As with Round 1, winners of Round 2 will be announced in a large email broadcast, press release, Facebook and social media, with videos linked for others to admire, and prizes awarded in mid-September.

  • If your group wins, we need this information for mailing the prizes!
  • Your video will need to be posted on Facebook. Please provide the name on the account that will be used to post the video.
  • Pick a fun name!
  • Do you understand and accept that by uploading you video, you grant the Wernick Method permission to share the video on multiple online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, email and our webpage?

    Please be aware that if we plan to share your video but decide that content before or after the music should be edited for any reason, we might request permission to edit before posting, and post it only if that permission is granted. That is not meant to discourage introing the song if you choose!