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Pete Wernick’s Live Five – Up All Night


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There’s never been a band like Flexigrass. 14 cuts of the band’s exciting and surprising sounds, with seven original tunes, three live cuts, and three vocals, including My Buddy by Joan Wernick. Check out what the band does with two Earl Scruggs instrumental including Foggy Mt. Breakdown and one by Benny Goodman!

“I love how the Live Five (now Flexigrass) blends bluegrass banjo into an early jazz group. Very appealing and interesting.”

— Bela Fleck

Songs Include:

  • Up All Night
  • Alabamy Bound
  • Hold It
  • Spirit In A Bottle
  • Seven Come Eleven
  • Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  • My Buddy
  • Owensboro Hop
  • Pick and Roll
  • Up All Night
  • On A Roll
  • Sweet Georgia Brown
  • The Doctor Is In
  • Foggy Mountain Special
  • Soldier’s Joy