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JAM Songbooks for Teachers


Please choose one quantity of Songbooks, to suffice for your next 6-8 months of classes.

  • All students should receive a JAM Songbook at no cost at the beginning of your class.
  • Previous WM students are welcome to another student folder if needed, but the JAM Songbooks are “one free per person” (no second free copy).
  • Students at free classes are not issued a Songbook, but are welcome to buy one!
  • Please sell any extras for standard price ($10) and keep track of how many you sell, to repay the WM @$5/book when settling up class finances with Leslie for your next class.
  • More details available in the Teacher Library.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must include a “must receive by” date. Enter this in the “Order notes” field on the Checkout page.  This lets us know to ship your order faster than by our usual preferred method (much cheaper but slower), Media Mail. Orders for these items that don’t include a “must be received by” date will be delayed due to our shipping person having to request that needed information from you before sending.The student folders are sent from Colorado at our expense. Media Mail saves greatly on shipping but can take as long as 3 weeks. Please order early! If you need them in less than 3 weeks we will send PRIORITY (takes under a week), and you will be billed for Priority shipping when the class financial settle-up is done. Priority is the only alternative to Media Mail. Again: Order early!