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JAM Songbook


Pete Wernick presents: the most practical compact songbook yet —

The JAM Songbook is perfect for all jammers, including complete beginners!

“Ticks all the boxes for becoming the go-to jam songbook”
– Bluegrass Unlimited

“Getting into jamming, the best first resource to purchase. Highly recommended.”
– Bluegrass Unlimited

Designed for use in Junior Appalachian Musicians after-school programs (40 chapters in VA, NC, SC, TN). The JAM Songbook will also be provided to students in all Wernick Method jam classes worldwide in 2019.

  • 39 bluegrass/old-time standards, 2- and 3-chord songs playable in any key. With YouTube Playlist!
  • Words and chords in LARGE print
  • Number system shown and used; with guidance for choosing best key
  • Instruction on learning songs, leading songs, faking solos, finding melodies
  • Chord diagrams for guitar, banjo, mandolin; positions for fiddle, bass

“For jam learners and those getting into jamming, this is the best first resource to purchase. An easy-to-follow format with lot of good, helpful information. This one ticks all the boxes for becoming the go-to jam songbook.” Bluegrass Unlimited, July 2019