Jam Help Flyers


Even when there’s no class to advertise, you will “help the cause” by putting out pocket folders of this highly useful info, on tables at festivals or other bluegrass events. Each folder holds about 50 of one of these three flyers:

  • Jamming Basics
  • Jam Favorites
  • Jam Skills Checklist

The wind-proof pocket folders make it easy for folks to take the flyers. They include ads referring them to LetsPick.org, where they can find a class or sign up for the mailing list. Getting folks to our site helps build our mailing list, and we like doing the good deed of distributing useful information free. The 150 flyer package is most economical for us to ship, but a package of 75 is an option, as a minimum to put out at bluegrass events. We gladly do our part — getting it to you — if you do your part: Putting the flyers where bluegrass folks will see and take them!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Jam Help Flyers are sent Media Mail from Colorado at our expense. Media Mail saves greatly on shipping but can take as long as 3 weeks. If you need them sooner please indicate that when ordering and we will send PRIORITY (takes under a week). Priority is the only alternative, and much more costly. Please order early!