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Intermediate Bluegrass Jamming


A 22-song moderate-speed workout with plenty of soloing opportunities The most challenging of the three jam videos assumes the viewer is already a jammer, and offers 22 full-length songs at medium tempos, with two chances to solo in every song. Available as download/stream only.

Great practice for learning the fine points of mandolin, bluegrass guitar, fiddle, and banjo. Compared to our two slower jam videos, this video includes more songs and less instruction, addressing jamming at intermediate skill levels: backup basics, playing the melody, using a capo, essential jam etiquette and how to avoid musical “train wrecks.” Chords are shown onscreen, and you can learn solos via slow-down or stop-frame of closeups of the soloing instrument. There are 22 songs played in a variety of keys, to give you the full range of playing experience

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