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Hot Rize w/Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers DVD


Why Hot Rize was called the greatest show in Bluegrass! 57 minutes with 19 musical cuts plus interviews. Top notch color and audio quality, a “Lonesome Pine Special”, KET-TV series. “This gem captures the band at its peak.” (Denver Post)

This is the best video recording ever made of the band in our 44 years — an hour long concert professionally shot with excellent sound, lighting, and camera work, in front of a big crowd, and “both bands” in top form. It was originally a “Lonesome Pine Special”  produced by KET-TV Lousville. The date is July 1987, with the “20th century Hot Rize” (including Charles Sawtelle in fine form with many closeups). It’s the only high fidelity video of the 20th century band available anywhere.

This is a rare, hard to find item, only available as a DVD through this store. If you are a devoted fan of Hot Rize, especially the Charles Sawtelle era, then this is a must-have item.

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