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Bluesy Banjo


“I like making bluesy music. That meshes well with a lot of Hot Rize songs, and it often surfaces in tunes I write. Blues typically involves a loose and dynamic rhythmic feel, as well as an edgy tonality usually including a lot of flatted thirds and sevenths, even flatted fifths despite being in a major key.” — Pete

All tablatures are included in PDF format contained in a single zip file for easy download.

Includes the following 34 titles:

Huckling the Berries (CC)
99 Years and One Dark Day (HR)
High on a Mountain (HR)
This Here Bottle (HR)
Plane 45 (PW)
Blue Night (HR)
Radio Boogie (HR)
Wild Bill Jones (HR)
Walkin’ the Dog (HR)
Your Light Leads Me On (HR)
My Little Darlin’ (HR)
Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (HR)
Hear Jerusalem Moan (HR)
Working on a Building (HR)
Untold Stories (HR)
Life’s Too Short (Hot Rize version) (HR)
You Don’t Have to Move the Mountain (HR)
Shadows in My Room (HR)
Wild Ride (HR)
Money To Burn (HR)
Rocky Road Blues (HR)
The Old Rounder (HR)
Blue Is Fallin’ (HR)
D-Funk (PW)
Round the Horn (PW)
Little Lies (JW)
The Broken Road (JW)
Owensboro Hop (PW)
Pick and Roll (PW)
Spirit in a Bottle (PW)
Blue Train (PW)
2:19 (LRH)
Shackled to a Ball and Chain (LRH)
A Cowboy’s Life (HR)

HR = Hot Rize
PW = Pete solo albums, Live Five, Flexigrass, Pete & Joan
CC = Country Cooking
JW = Jeff White
CT = Chris Thile
LRH = Long Road Home