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“I like making bluesy music. That meshes well with a lot of Hot Rize songs, and it often surfaces in tunes I write. Blues typically involves a loose and dynamic rhythmic feel, as well as an edgy tonality usually including a lot of flatted thirds and sevenths, even flatted fifths despite being in a major key.” — Pete

All tablatures are included in PDF format contained in a single zip file for easy download.

Includes the following 34 titles:

  • Huckling the Berries (CC)
  • 99 Years and One Dark Day (HR)
  • High on a Mountain (HR)
  • This Here Bottle (HR)
  • Plane 45 (PW)
  • Blue Night (HR)
  • Radio Boogie (HR)
  • Wild Bill Jones (HR)
  • Walkin’ the Dog (HR)
  • Your Light Leads Me On (HR)
  • My Little Darlin’ (HR)
  • Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burning (HR)
  • Hear Jerusalem Moan (HR)
  • Working on a Building (HR)
  • Untold Stories (HR)Life’s Too Short (Hot Rize version) (HR)
    You Don’t Have to
  • Move the Mountain (HR)
  • Shadows in My Room (HR)
  • Wild Ride (HR)
  • Money To Burn (HR)
  • Rocky Road Blues (HR)
  • The Old Rounder (HR)
  • Blue Is Fallin’ (HR)
  • D-Funk (PW)
  • Round the Horn (PW)
  • Little Lies (JW)
  • The Broken Road (JW)
  • Owensboro Hop (PW)
  • Pick and Roll (PW)
  • Spirit in a Bottle (PW)
  • Blue Train (PW)
  • 2:19 (LRH)
  • Shackled to a Ball and Chain (LRH)
  • A Cowboy’s Life (HR)

HR = Hot Rize
PW = Pete solo albums, Live Five, Flexigrass, Pete & Joan
CC = Country Cooking
JW = Jeff White
CT = Chris Thile
LRH = Long Road Home

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