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Bluegrass Slow Jam for the Total Beginner


A super-easy, no-fail play-along session with Pete “Dr. Banjo” Wernick.
The one instruction resource that every new player needs… right along with his/her first instrument!
“If you’re a novice musician, this is the video for you.” — Bluegrass Now


play along bluegrass music jamming videoAnyone, with any instrument, can get into this bluegrass jam session, even if you’ve never tried it before. All you need are four basic chords (G, C, D and A) for the entire video! These are shown, with simple right hand rhythm instruction, for all six standard bluegrass instruments:

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro (slide) guitar, Fiddle, Bass (for fiddle and bass, single notes are shown)

This video will give you the practice and the confidence to join a real jam session. Pete makes it easy, giving instruction, encouragement and advice on what to do, and the ground rules of bluegrass jamming.

Learn 17 favorites often played at bluegrass jams everywhere. All are played at slow, easy tempos. Follow chord changes just as everyone does at real jam sessions, by watching guitar chords — enlarged on screen for easy viewing (see video preview).

Full Descriptions, Comparison, and Song Listing for All 3 Play-Along Jam Videos