Two hours of the instruction you need to play backup!
“I have learned more in one sitting than I have in years of struggle with the banjo.”
** comes with tablature for all banjo playing on the DVD.

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This video has two hours of backup banjo instruction, using many excerpts from the Bluegrass Slow Jam and Bluegrass Jamming videos. After each excerpt, Pete shows very clearly how the patterns and licks are done. All moves shown are also in an accompanying tab booklet.

The first important goal for beginning banjo players is to learn to play with other musicians and singers in a bluegrass jam session. It only takes knowing 4 chords to play along with anything on this video!

Pete Wernick developed this lesson especially for new pickers. Based on footage of bluegrass jam sessions, Pete shows in slow and clear detail the techniques you’ll need to fit into a real jamming situation. You’ll move from the simplest strum for the total beginner to chord vamping, rolls, up-the-neck positions and many of the fill-in licks that banjo players use to spark the bluegrass sound.

As you learn the techniques, you can put them into practice by playing along with Pete’s companion bluegrass jamming videos. Dr. Banjo’s prescription for solid banjo accompaniment is filled with sage advice and powerful pointers on how to become a great backup player.