JAM Songbook

Pete Wernick presents: the most practical compact songbook yet — The JAM Songbook is perfect for all jammers, including complete beginners! “Ticks all the boxes for becoming the go-to jam songbook”– Bluegrass Unlimited “Getting into jamming, the best first resource … Read More

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Let’s Pick T-Shirt

Available in Maroon and Pine, all sizes.

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Let’s Pick! Sticker

A sticker for your case, car bumper, or you decide! Get several. This will help you round up jam partners! Stickers are $1 each $2 handling fee added to orders of sticker(s) only No handling fee if ordered with anything … Read More

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play along bluegrass music jamming video
Bluegrass Slow Jam for the Total Beginner

A super-easy, no-fail play-along session with Pete “Dr. Banjo” Wernick. The one instruction resource that every new player needs… right along with his/her first instrument! “If you’re a novice musician, this is the video for you.” Available as download/stream only.

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play along bluegrass music jamming video
Bluegrass Jamming: A Guide For Newcomers and Closet Pickers

The complete original jam video, from 2-chord songs to “The Old Home Place”. Great practice for learning mandolin, bluegrass guitar, fiddle, and banjo. All 17 songs include a soloing opportunity, plus how-to’s and etiquette of bluegrass jamming, kickoffs and endings, capo use, faking solos. Available as download/stream only.

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play along bluegrass music jamming video
Intermediate Bluegrass Jam Session

A 22-song moderate-speed workout with plenty of soloing opportunities The most challenging of the three jam videos assumes the viewer is already a jammer, and offers 22 full-length songs at medium tempos, with two chances to solo in every song. Available as download/stream or DVD. Read More!

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Bluegrass Songbook

140 classic songs. The only book with instruction on bluegrass singing, including bluegrass harmony, and many pages of tips from the all-time greats! Melodies of the songs are given in an easy form of tab that works on banjo OR … Read More

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