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Pete Wernick’s

Play-Along Bluegrass Jam Videos

Learning Bluegrass Jamming has never been easier. 56 songs in all!

These groundbreaking best-selling videos have helped thousands learn to jam and improve their jamming skills, in their own homes or anywhere a video can be played!

  • For best results, play video at the proper volume to match your instrument. If that’s too loud for others, use earphones set to let you hear both the recording and your instrument.
  • All DVDs include a full printable booklet with all words and chords to all songs and a full section of bluegrass jamming ground rules and pointers.
  • All videos feature an all-star band with Pete Wernick and Nick Forster (Hot Rize), Ben Kaufmann (Yonder Mt. String Band), and Sally Van Meter. Some videos include Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident), Drew Emmitt (Leftover Salmon), Nancy Steinberger, and Joan Wernick.
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A super-easy, no-fail play-along session with Pete “Dr. Banjo” Wernick.

Just Right for the Brand New Picker!

“If you’re a novice musician, this is the video for you.” — Bluegrass Now

The one instruction resource that every new player needs,… right along with his/her first instrument!

Anyone, with any instrument, can get into this bluegrass jam session, even if you’ve never tried it before. All you need are four basic chords (G, C, D and A) for the entire video! These are shown, with simple right hand rhythm instruction, for all six standard bluegrass instruments:

Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Dobro (slide) guitar, Fiddle, Bass (for fiddle and bass, single notes are shown)

This video will give you the practice and the confidence to join a real jam session. Pete makes it easy, giving instruction, encouragement and advice on what to do, and the ground rules of bluegrass jamming.

Learn 17 favorites often played at bluegrass jams everywhere. All are played at slow, easy tempos. Follow chord changes just as everyone does at real jam sessions, by watching guitar chords — enlarged on screen for easy viewing.

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The complete original jam video, from 2-chord songs to “The Old Home Place”

This video starts with very slow and easy 2-chord songs in G, and moves up to 3-chord songs in G and other keys, with a few favorite instrumentals included. Chords are clearly shown on screen. Tempos vary from about 60 beats/minute to 100 (moderate). All 17 songs include a soloing opportunity. Instruction includes the how-to’s and etiquette of bluegrass jamming, kickoffs and endings, capo use, faking solos, much more. Includes printable booklet with all lyrics and chords, and summary of bluegrass ground rules and jamming pointers.

All-star band: Pete Wernick and Nick Forster (Hot Rize), Sally Van Meter, Joan Wernick, Michael Kang (String Cheese Incident), Eric Walser, Ben Kaufmann (Yonder Mountain String Band).

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A 22-song moderate-speed workout with plenty of soloing opportunities

The most challenging of the three jam videos assumes the viewer is already a jammer, and offers 22 full-length songs at medium tempos, with two soloing opportunities each song.

Compared to the previous jam videos, this video includes more songs and less instruction, addressing jamming at intermediate skill levels: backup basics, playing the melody, using a capo, essential jam etiquette and what to do if you get in a musical “train wreck.”

Chord and lyric booklet included. All star band includes: Pete Wernick and Nick Forster (Hot Rize), Drew Emmitt (Leftover Salmon), Ben Kaufmann (Yonder Mt. String Band), Sally Van Meter, Nancy Steinberger, and Joan Wernick. Solos are clearly shown onscreen and can be learned exactly using stop-frame.

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