• Best Ways to Start Learning Banjo – Read this first. Pete’s guide to starting bluegrass banjo — the most results-proven, easy, and motivating steps, refined over 45 years of teaching beginners. All of his instruction is based on this philosophy. The article is aimed at banjo teachers, but all beginning and novice players will learn from it — and save a lot of time and frustration in reaching their goals.
  • A New Direction for Teaching and Learning Bluegrass Music – How to make it easy and fun to learn to play. Pete’s approach differs from most bluegrass teachers’, and here is his compelling rationale for why ensemble skills should be learned and encouraged from the first week. See what you and your teacher think.

Videos/Books for Beginning Banjo Players


Excerpts from Beginning Bluegrass Banjo

Get Rolling: Ultra-easy, No-fail Intro To Bluegrass BanjoOnly $20 for one hour video with tab.
Any new banjo player, even a child, will be playing along almost immediately with Pete on over twenty well-known songs. Basic strum and 3-finger roll technique, plus simple chord changes, yields good-sounding music. Two of Pete’s students show the basic of playing together.

Bluegrass Slow Jam for the Total Beginner
Just Right for the Brand New Picker! A super-easy, no-fail play-along session with Pete “Dr. Banjo” Wernick. Anyone, with any instrument, can get into this bluegrass jam session, even if you’ve never tried it before. All you need to know are four basic chords (G, C, D and A) to play along with the band.

Beginning Bluegrass Banjo
Best Seller! Two-hour video + tab. Months’ worth of learning, just $30.00. A step-by-step method based on 20 years teaching. Split-screen closeups, fast/slow repetitions make video learning best!

Bluegrass Jamming, A Guide For Newcomers and Closet Pickers
Seventeen bluegrass standards at moderate speeds, a soloing opportunity in each song, chords clearly shown, many pointers on the how-to’s and etiquette of bluegrass jamming. Lyric book included.

Click for information about Pete’s latest videos: How to Make Up Your Own Solos and Bluegrass Banjo Backup, Basic Level.


Bluegrass Songbook
140 classic songs. The only book with instruction on bluegrass singing, including bluegrass harmony, and many pages of tips from the all-time greats!

Bluegrass Banjo
The “classic” that started many professional players, with almost a quarter-million copies in print! A clear, complete course from the easiest chords, songs and beginning rolls to advanced licks and instrumentals. 143 pages with many photos, 43 tablatures.

Bluegrass Jam Classes

“Wernick Method” certified teachers are now offering weekly sessions in communities nationwide.

Learn to jam with other folks in your area!

Pete’s Bluegrass Jam Camps

Closet pickers, this is for you! Pete will show you how to be in a bluegrass jam session, fitting in at your own ability level. You will be jamming the first morning!

Pete and Joan offer jam camps nationwide every spring and summer nationwide, and spring and fall in Colorado. Many of the sessions are held right before a major bluegrass festival on a nearby site. Hundreds of new jammers have been launched at these camps!


  1. How to follow chords to new songs and play along comfortably
  2. The basics of simple soloing – even when you don’t know the song!
  3. Standard jam procedure and etiquette
  4. Hands-on individualized help

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