Posted to the jamcampers discussion list Dec. 6th

Greg McGrath and Hot Frize

For those who have been following my Beginner’s Jam exploits, I am having my third and final workshop and jam on Sunday 9th ending in a BBQ here at my home.

I have been passing on Dr Banjo’s wisdom and encouragement to beginners over the past few months encouraging them to get in and enjoy the experience of playing music with others. We have had a regular turnout of around 10 to 12 people and it has been a real joy to watching their development and the expressions on people’s faces after taking their first break in a slow jam encouraged by their fellow jammers.

Thanks to you all for the ongoing encouragement and especially to Dr Banjo for the inspiration.

The other person who has inspired me since coming home from the USA is Ted Lehmann whom I met at Pete’s camp in Boomer NC this year. Ted has a blog site
This site gave me the idea to do something similar for our local Gippsland pickers. So I created GippslandBluegrass a site to keep us all entertained, together and informed.

I hope to have more stories our exploits in the new year.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Gregory McGrath