Whatever your instrument …

This page shows you how to start jamming!

I learned to jam almost as soon as I could chord along on easy songs with friends. By keeping it slow and simple, ANYONE can be jamming within days of getting their first stringed instrument!Basic rhythm playing + following chords on good songs… easy, fun, and fundamental!

Novices, start here:

List of 2-chord songs Pick a song to sing/hum while playing a G — and guess when to go to D and back! Print a copy to keep in your case.

Bluegrass Songbook

140 favorite songs with chords and melodies in simplified tablature. Sections on harmony singing, singing pointers from the greats. Over 100,000 in print!

Playalong Jamming DVDs

Three DVDs, a total of 56 top bluegrass hits, slow/moderate speeds. On two DVDs, try a solo while band plays backup! Includes words and chords.
Which DVD is best for me?

Intermediate/Advanced Playalong CDs

For Banjo, Guitar, and Mandolin. Stereo mix allows hearing full band with/without your instrument. Package includes medium speed and faster CDs, booklet with tabbed solos. Work out at home!

“Can’t sing?”

Pete’s method has never failed to help anyone carry a tune with their voice. And doing that will help your overall musicianship. Find out how.

Pete’s Story:
Why and How I Started Teaching Bluegrass Jamming 
“I’ve been asked why and how I started teaching bluegrass jamming. For years many students I’d meet…” click for more

Bluegrass Jam Classes

“Wernick Method” certified teachers offer weekly sessions and weekend camps in communities across America, Europe, and Australia. Learn to jam with other folks in your area!

Bluegrass Jam Favorites

A selection of 116 classics, based on jams all over the U.S. and overseas. Get familiar with these. They’re sure to come up at jams.

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Free info on jamming!

“Dr. Banjo”, Pete Wernick is the originator of Banjo Camps and Bluegrass Jam Camps, and creator of many bestselling bluegrass books and videos. Along with performing nationwide/worldwide with Hot Rize and others, he is dedicated to helping people learn the joys of playing bluegrass. Pete’s teaching