Bluegrass Unlimited

As on the other two in the series, the format is straight forward and the material is presented informally with a bit of good humor all around. All of the twenty-two songs (twenty of them well known) have at least two full breaks for your solo to be played over the band’s backing; you’ll have no trouble recognizing your entry point as Wernick usually calls you out, just as it should be done at any good jam. During the first part of each song, a small inset window focuses on the guitar player’s left hand to help you follow the chords.

As a teaching tool, this is more of a playing aid than a how-to lesson. Though interspersed with suggestions on jam etiquette, playing the melody, playing backup, signals for stopping a tune, and recovering if the song gets confused, the main function of this video is to provide you with a band and a chance to get familiar with jamming at this tempo. As has been said and as this nearly two-hour video underscores, experience is the best teacher.