No one has taught more people to play Scruggs style bluegrass banjo than Pete Wernick. His methods are based on “what works” to play solos and backup with confidence in typical jamming situations — relying on ear skills and not transcriptions. For experienced players, his teaching and tabs open wide windows into appealing and accessible banjo adventures. This is the information you need to learn to play banjo!

Pete slows ’em and shows ’em. Some of Pete’s favorite solos, shown in detail including variations.

Here in one place are all 245 banjo solos recorded by Pete Wernick in his 50-year career. Browse the full archive by title or album and select tabs of interest or discounted packages for one quick and easy download. 

I’m so pleased to know I’ve helped people around the world learn to play bluegrass music. It’s an experience I wish for all — combining picking and singing talents to produce the uplifting and evocative sounds of bluegrass!

I was lucky as a teenager to have friends who played folk music and bluegrass, and the fun we had spurred me to grow as a musician. When I started teaching my goal became helping people do the same. On that path today, the Wernick Method brings folks together for the learning, inspiration, and camaraderie that percolate when bluegrass is played and sung.

I love to see how musical teamwork connects people. And it’s a special thrill to see it in folks who had doubted they have the skills or comfort level to function at a jam. In our camps and classes, everyone is jamming on the first day, even if they’d never done it before!

As a banjo player, my lifelong quest to emulate the magnificent style of Earl Scruggs has focused me on banjo musicianship. Years of playing in jams and bands, and reading and talking about music has given me a storehouse of knowledge to share. This website helps me to pass on the best of what I’ve gathered since becoming a musician in my teens. 

I invite you to send me questions about whatever music topic is on your mind. Some of the Q&As will appear in the Ask Dr. Banjo on the site.

Enjoy Your Music,

Pete Wernick
“Dr. Banjo”