Pete Among the First Inducted into the Colorado Bluegrass “Hall of Honor”

The Colorado Bluegrass Music Society (CBMS) has recently recognized Pete Wernick and four other Coloradoans as the first inductees into the Colorado Bluegrass Hall of Honor. The five chosen for their significant impact on bluegrass music in Colorado also include Jerry Mills, Dick Pierle, Ken Seaman, and Suzie Solomon. According to the CBMS, the recipients “exemplify the love of the music and the dedication that it takes to keep bluegrass alive and growing.”

Quoting from the January 2006 Pow’r Pickin’, the CBMS publication: “Whenever the word “banjo” comes to mind, the name ‘Dr. Banjo’ is sure not to be far behind… Renowned for his accomplishments and contributions to bluegrass music, Pete has been the hot-picking force in several trend-setting bands including Hot Rize, Country Cooking, and Pete Wernick’s Live Five—now Flexigrass… respected musician, educator, author, songwriter, and former long-term President of the International Bluegrass Music Association… Pete’s performing, teaching, banjo camps, bluegrass jam camps, clinics and instructional materials have inspired players nationwide and overseas.”

Acknowledging the award, Pete says, “I am definitely honored and I sure appreciate this recognition. That’s very good company I’m in there. The Colorado bluegrass scene is in great shape, with a lot of diversity and musical energy. I’ll continue to help people understand and respect bluegrass traditions, while adding their own touches to make it live for them. I love the music and I love the community, and I feel very fortunate to have the life in music that I do.”