Europe's 1st Bluegrass Jam Camp!
Taught by Pete Wernick using the Wernick Method*
Assisted by Joan Wernick, Joff Lowson (England),
Peter Ruby (CZ Rep.), and Richard Ciferský (Slovakia)
Friday–Sunday, March 22-24 • 9:30am-5:30pm
Prague, Czech Republic • Tuition €175*
Hotel Svornost (3-star hotel, affordable rooms and meals, airport shuttle)
Presented with assistance from the European Bluegrass Music Association
DISCOUNTS! The camp is short on guitars and basses especially. The next 3 bass players will be given a discount of 80 Euros off the regular tuition cost. The next 3 guitars to register and the next 3 fiddle players will receive 30 Euros off regular cost.
The Hotel Svornost web site says "no rooms available", but space is being held for people attending the camp (password: "banjo"), with spaces still available as of March 5. Contact the hotel by email or phone, and say you're coming to the camp. That will get a bed and breakfast at the camp rate of 24 Euro/night. The rate assumes sharing of rooms. If any problem with the hotel, write Pete.
Pete Wernick is the originator of Banjo Camps and Bluegrass Jam Camps, and creator of many bestselling bluegrass books and videos. Along with performing nationwide/worldwide with Hot Rize and others, he is dedicated to helping people learn the joys of playing bluegrass.
(Pete and Joan will teach in English only.)
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Pete's students say:

"I have been waiting to start playing real bluegrass with people for quite a while, and now I can!"

"It was the catalyst for motivation and improvement in everyone's playing. I'd recommend it for anyone."

"An amazing weekend that opened me up to a whole new experience and will help raise my playing to a whole new level."

"The influence you have over those that attend your camps is considerable and in my case life-changing."

Sign up now and we'll send full information about jamming including favorite songs!
€60 payment holds your spot! (€115 balance due at the class)

Main instrument

*For students from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, or Hungary:
Due to currency differences, we can offer reduced rates.
Write to [email protected] for more information.

  • All bluegrass instruments welcome
  • No jamming experience necessary
  • You will be jamming the first session!
  • Friendly, encouraging, knowledgeable teaching.
  • Mistakes allowed!
  • Singing not required, but encouraged and taught.
  • Easy 2- and 3-chord songs, slow speeds.
  • Soloing not required! "Faking" solos taught.

Do you qualify? It's easier than you may think!
If you play guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass, or dobro... you can be part of a bluegrass jam.

Only requirements:

  • You must be able to tune your instrument (electronic tuning devices welcome) and
  • change smoothly between G, C, D, and A. (Fiddles and basses need to know which notes work with which chords)

For more info or to send payment in the mail,
email [email protected]

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Bluegrass Teachers!
Pete will train experienced bluegrass teachers to assist at this camp. Certified Wernick Method teachers receive support to host jam classes in their home country. Please write: [email protected]

Wernick Method Classes teach real bluegrass jamming!
  • Hands-on learning in large and small groups
  • Learn many bluegrass standards
  • Gentle tempos! Mistakes expected!
  • Full ground rules and etiquette of typical jams
  • How to lead songs and how to follow new songs
  • How to find melodies, fake solos, sing harmony
  • Ear skills taught and emphasized, as in real bluegrass
  • Reading skills not needed or used
  • Group and individualized instruction on backup skills
  • Understanding, low-pressure, time-tested teaching

Practice jamming at home!

17 songs, just 4 chords and SLOW tempos. This DVD will help you prepare for your first jam class.