Sound Technicians


The letters printed in this issue of Bluegrass Unlimited raise familiar concerns.Other than plugged-in instrumentalists and drummers, I can’t think of a more maligned and unappreciated group of people within our industry.… Read More

Fan Letter


Dear Pete, Thanks for being so generous all through the years, both with your music and with yourself! I “discovered” your web site today and wanted to add my voice to the throngs of people who are forever in your debt for inspiring us to be better banjo players and better people.… Read More

Interview With Don Reno


The following interview with Don Reno was taped by Peter Wernick of WKCR, New York, N.Y. at the first annual Roanoke Bluegrass Festival in September, 1965. We are grateful to Mr. Wernick for allowing us to reprint it here.… Read More

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