Bluegrass Jamming: A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers

Comments from Satisfied Customers

“Just recently came across your Bluegrass Jamming. What a life saver. I have been having a total ball with it. I stayed up the other night and played through on every song and before I knew it I had been playing for 2 hours. Thanks for a wonderful video, it really puts allot of music playing into perspective. The main goal for me is to have fun and having an entire blue grass band in my room when I play is just too cool.”

— J.B.

“My friend gave me a birthday gift yesterday – Pete Wernick’s Bluegrass Jamming – A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers. This is great! And a lot of questions are answered that we ‘newbies’ want to know about jamming, which is wonderful. I know that nothing beats a ‘real’ jam session, but it’s gets a bit daunting and I know the guys all slow up for me and help me along. They save a bit of time for me in their sessions. With this video, I can practice to my heart’s content.”

— J.B.

“I just received the video ‘Bluegrass Jamming’. It’s awesome!! I will be attending my 1st jam session a week from Saturday and the video will definitely help get me ready. I’ve been playing the banjo for a number of years but have never played with anyone else, let alone a group. The video is simple to understand and has immediately helped my tempo and my ability to play up the neck for backup. The 1st book I ever bought was ‘Bluegrass Banjo’ back in 1977 and I still refer to it often. Thanks for publishing such quality materials that are easy to understand and use.”

— A.K.

“I checked the jam video out of the library — pretty cool. It isn’t on backup in particular — it gives the person watching the video the chance to do his breaks with the group on the video, and goes through the jamming process. Anyway, my point is that I was startled and instructed at how Pete and the others do stay very much in the background during others’ solos. I could see how much it really is a group effort, and how you should think in terms of the group. A guitar player (a fellow programmer) I met here at work once played with a group that had a banjo — his comment was — the banjo was too #$&#* loud! Obviously, this banjo player wanted to be a star instead of a contributor.”

— R.W.

“I knew I was going to attend Pete Wernick’s Jam Camp at MerleFest and was a little nervous about it. I had played guitar and could sing but had never participated in anything like a ‘jam.’ I got Pete’s video, ‘Bluegrass Jamming,’ and listened and played along for a couple of months before the camp.”

“What a great investment! It was so much fun. When I got to camp, I was still a little nervous, but quickly realized I had learned what I needed in order to fit in. I was familiar with the process of jamming, the vocabulary and the body language used. I could confidently play and sing a dozen or so bluegrass songs that everyone else knew also. I even learned a little music theory that made playing easier. I developed additional skills at camp, of course, but using the video gave me a wonderful jumpstart. I’m really glad I got it.”

“Now that I’m back home, I still get the video out when I want some company and some good practice. I am also seeking out other musicians with whom to play, using some of the hints Pete gives on the video. In short, I love it!”


“The original version has been very helpful, and this one is terrific also! Great job……….I think you have the only really useful jamming products available.”

— M.C.

“By the way, I can’t say enough about your jamming video, they are OUTSTANDING!!!!. I own all of them and they give me material for our local jams as well as a ton of practice!”

— J.D.

“You should look into Pete Wernicks Jam-along videos, of which there are three. I believe. He brings a top notch group of musicians to play many popular songs, and in between tunes discusses the basics of keys and harmonies among other things. I have been playing for about seven months, and feel they have helped a lot. Also, if you have questions about anything on the videos, he is readily available for questions on his website. I have found it much better than any of the “educational” products out there, because it more or less tells you to pick it up, have it tuned, play the right chords, and have FUN. Good luck.”

— D.

“check out Pete Wernicks jam videos. They’ve helped me get through many a winter day when there was no one to pick with. Great musicians playing standards at a managable speed. Also check out Pete Wernick’s Bluegrass Song book. Tons of standards in there. What’s great about this book is that it has the lyrics, chords and melody of each song.”

— P.

“For those beginners or intermediate players who can’t find jams or who feel intimidated by them, one of the best ways to gain experience jamming without subjecting yourself to embarrassment or hostility, and for those who would just like to practice jamming between actual jams, I highly recommend Pete Wernick’s terrific bluegrass jam videos: Bluegrass Slow Jam for real beginners, Bluegrass Jamming, and Bluegrass Jamming Intermediate–even for old time players.”

— C.K.

“Last year I bought your video ‘Beginning Bluegrass Banjo’ and two of your ‘jamming’ videos. I cannot tell you what fun they have been and what it has done for my playing of both guitar and banjo – they have really re-kindled my interest in the banjo.”

— A.H.

“Hi Peter, I’m the clawhammer banjo picker who contacted you awhile ago. Went to my first slow mixed jam organized by James Reams in Brooklyn across from Prospect Park. Your videos helped pave the way for me to become a successful musician in that not only did I have a great time, I was prepared for most likely anything even when the first song out of the box was in the key of E in 3/4 time. Figured out what to do using your suggested # system. Everything else was relatively easy. Started using your intermediate video. Thanks”

— H.F.

“Thank you for all your help by providing such great jam along and instructional products! They are fantastic and have helped me a lot!”

— T.F.

“Your jam tapes are awesome for learning to jam. I can’t thank you enough for producing these video as I find them so good at teaching the novice player to change chords fluently.”

— B.B.

“Pete’s jamming videos are so full of great advice, you gotta watch them multiple times.”

— J.W

“I have been playing daily with your jam video. It forces me to play an entire song rather than just ‘noodle’ around and be lazy when I have the banjo out and get discouraged. I’ve already seen and feel improvement.”

— S.M.

“It is so cool and so helpful, to put that thing on the TV and put yourself in the middle of a bluegrass band and play with them. It’s particularly powerful when you have a surround sound system. “

— G.B.

“My husband is learning guitar and we have all 3 of your jamming videos and LOVE them! They are a real instructional boost for him (and for me, too).”

— V.V.

“I bought the three jamming videos from JDMC – absolutely love them.”

— R.T.