Appearances for Adam Frisch

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I will be performing with my friend Don Richmond at some upcoming campaign events for Adam Frisch, candidate for Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. His opponent in this race is incumbent Lauren Boebert, and… Read More

In Praise of Billy Strings

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Bob Lefsetz recently wrote enthusiastically about Billy Strings and I wrote in to say more about Billy the artist and performer. Billy is “one of ours” and his amazing success rightfully makes us proud. Here’s my message as published in the Lefsetz letter: I’m a regular reader, and I’ve never written to you. But because Billy Strings is a bluegrass artist, and I’m a lifelong bluegrass pro who served 15 years as president of the International Bluegrass Music Association, I thought I’d contribute some perspective about what makes Billy special.… Read More

Remembering the Great Ukrainian-American Musician Peter Ostroushko — and Ukrainian Country Star Hank Chenko

Like many of you, I’m watching the situation in Ukraine with dismay, while deeply inspired by the spirit of the Ukrainian people. Last month marked one year since the passing of a great Ukrainian-American musician, Peter Ostrousko, a good friend who performed on Prairie Home Companion throughout the show’s 40+ years. … Read More

Goodbye to Three Banjo Giants

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It’s been something of a shock to lose three of the most prominent and respected banjo players of all time, in a matter of a few months. Sonny Osborne, Bill Emerson, and J.D. Crowe. Every 5-string 3-finger player alive has to have been influenced by these enduring and legendary pickers.… Read More

Pete reflects on recent podcasts

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I was honored to be featured in two podcasts in the spring of 2021 and I’m pleased with how they turned out. In April, Bluegrass Unlimited’s podcast featured me as part of their April Learn to Play themed issue, and in May, the Picky Fingers Banjo Podcast interviewed me for almost two hours!… Read More

Join Pete for his camps in 2021!

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We have all struggled to keep music going during the past year. Some have managed outdoor jams, online jams with JamKazam, and even playing along with jam videos. But the in-person experience of a bluegrass camp or festival, where we can gather and play and learn together is one I have really missed this past year. I bet you have too!… Read More

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