Joe, former banjo camper from Alabama writes:

I have tennis elbow (epicondylitis) right elbow, caused by “power walking”. Been to orthopedic surgeon, therapy, etc. No benefit.  Bottom line- don’t use right arm.  Specifically, don’t play banjo.  I have been off (6 weeks) and on again (6 weeks) twice with no significant change.  You have any experience with this or suggestions for other investigation? Other experts? Remember, I’m retired OB-Gyn.


I’m very sorry to hear of your affliction, which must be quite a bummer. I applaud you for checking all the resources you have, including me, though I can only tell you a little that’s not pretty obvious.

I’ve been amazed at the wonders of ibuprofen, which has helped me out of quite a few inflammations. But that’s kinda obvious.

Then stuff like acupuncture and other pain-related measures should all be known to you.

One bit to think about — “losing” a limb doesn’t have to change your view of yourself as a creative person who wants to make music. Making music can be done with what you *can* use, such as your voice and your left hand. A way to think about this is: While waiting for your right arm/hand to recover, you can be building your left hand abilities, your voice, and your musicality overall. Those will be benefits quite apart from your right hand recovery, and will multiply their benefit as your right hand improves.

Please keep me posted how things go.