Marion writes:

As I approach the next “season” of my life with my homeschooled son turning 16, I find myself wondering what’s next for me in the world of work. If I want to follow my passion, I think of BG music (even more specifically: BG gospel)……Of course most musicians have day jobs to be able to do what they love. But I thought maybe there’s something in the work world that I could do that’s tangential at least. Don’t want to burden you with bg career counseling, just wondering if you have any quick thoughts on how I might pursue such a fantasy??

Thanks Pete!

Many musicians work in music stores (sales, repair, etc.), recording studios, with production companies that produce music events (sound, lights, recording, LOTS of odd jobs). There are booking agencies, photography people, radio and TV people… That should give you a start!

Consider your skills and where you might fit in. Be aware that “access to musicians” and especially, work in the public eye are sometimes thought of as desirable to the degree that people are often happy to do some jobs (like public radio deejay) for nothing or next-to. So not all of the jobs you might find would pay well.

Hope that helps.