Becky writes:

Playing with another feels so exposing to me. Like I’ve taken off my shirt or something. Does that make any sense?


Absolutely. Very common feeling, with roots in insecurities common to us all.

Sometimes when I play, stuff comes out that I never knew was in there….

Yep, part of the fun.

It’s hard for me to let go, and just let the music flow out through me. It’s so powerful, that I draw back from it. How do you handle that yourself, Dr. Banjo?

Keep playing. If you play to really serve the quality of the music you’re playing, for the sake of everyone there, including yourself, then you have that good thing to focus on. Ego and insecurities lead to distraction, so it’s best to assume that you’re all in it together and everyone does what they can, and just go ahead and give it your best. If you stumble, keep going. If you fall, get up.

The bridge that many are timid to cross, that holds them back is: Do they or do they not seek out, even create, situations where they can play music with others — especially people they’re well suited to playing with.

Always appreciate your thoughtful answers.

Glad someone’s listening!

Pete Wernick