Drowned in Spain writes:

I play with a tuba and a sax in a group. Our act is usually hired for fairs, and we walk around playing as we walk. The problem is even if I pick as hard as I can, the tuba sometimes drowns out the banjo. I am trying to find a decent sounding battery powered amp that I can carry on a strap while I walk. Have any ideas?

Dear Drowned,

You might be surprised to hear how loud your banjo actually is. Banjos very typically sound much quieter to the player than to someone listening from *in front of* the banjo. To see what I mean, play within a few feet of a reflective surface like a flat wall. The volume may surprise you.

As to your specific question, I don’t have any recommendation. I would go to a music store where they sell such things, and try them out. Battery powered amps are typically not very loud.

Stelling Banjos tend to be pretty loud compared to most. You might try one of them.

Best of luck!