Don R., Springfield, IL writes:

I heard a cut of a song called Ruthie that I think is off one of your albums. I would love to play it. do you have the song tabbed out or can you give me the chord changes so I can figure it out?


It’s in Bb, and the chords are just 1, 4, and 5. I use C tuning for the tune, but to accommodate Alan O’Bryant’s vocal range we lowered it two half-steps to Bb. So I just tuned the banjo two frets lower on each string and played “as if” in C tuning. First left hand position is middle and ring fingers at the 5th fret of the first two strings. This song is tabbed in the book of AcuTab transcriptions of the On a Roll record, all four breaks. Available from me. Glad you like the tune. Good luck learning it.

Pete Wernick