Mike writes:

Dear Pete, I’m a big fan of Hot Rize and have been trying to play tunes like Colleen Malone and Nellie Kane (similar in their mandolin duet style). Is that a regular g tuning you’re using or do you special tune to make things easier?

Thanks for the help!

Yes, it’s basically G tuning, but since both of those songs are in E, I put the capo on fret 2, and play as though in D. For playing in D the 5th string is normally tuned a full step above usual, so with going to E, that makes four frets to raise the 5th, or up to B. Once you get there, a lot of the sounds you hear on those arrangements will come forth pretty easily. The Colleen Malone arrangement is tricky when it gets to the 2 chord, since I was going for the melody.

Both of these solos are tabbed in books you can get from the Store on this site, Colleen in the AcuTab book, and Nellie in Dr. Banjo Plays Hot Rize.

Have fun with the tunes.