“Pounders” in Alabama writes:
Hey Pete, I have just about mastered your Get Rolling tape. I’ve really had a lot of fun with it and I am very anxious to go farther.

Where do need to go from here?

Dear Pounders,

Congratulations on getting rolling! I bet it’s satisfying. So I presume you can roll along with the tape using TITM. You might try some of the other rolls shows.

The next tape would be Beginning Bluegrass Banjo, a 2-hour tape that will get you into soloing, first easy solos, and you end up making them up, using familiar licks.

And also you mentioned in the Get Rolling tape that you have a jamming tape that is slow and I maybe could play along with. Can you give me some info on where I can get the next tapes that I need?

Yes, Bluegrass Jamming would be very useful in many ways. There is lots of information on my web site, www.drbanjo.com. Click here for the video descriptions.

Thanks and let me know if you are going to have any camps this year that are anywhere close to Alabama.

I have jam camps in NC in April and KY in June. You would qualify, and this would be a great chance for you to start jamming in a “safe” environment. See the web site, right at the top of the home page.

Good luck with your picking!

Pete Wernick