Dwight in NY writes:

I started last August with the banjo and lessons last November. I will meet the cord requirements for your July camp in Oak Hill, NY. I have not been to a jam camp and my question is, would it be better for me to attend a banjo camp first or does it not matter?


Jam camp
is actually a better first camp, since it lays down exactly the right foundation. Playing banjo is normally done in a context of other instruments, not solo, so by jamming in a novice-friendly context, you can get comfortable doing “the real thing”. The banjo camps I do for basic level concentrate on both jamming (though we do it all-banjo, which is slightly odd) and especially on the skills of “faking” a solo and most especially, constructing a viable Scruggs-style solo on your own. The latter is easiest to do once you’ve had the prep of playing with others.

So you may well want to plan on the NY jam camp in the summer and the Basic Banjo Camp in the winter.