Duane writes:
Pete, I have one of your jamming video (A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers). Great Stuff. I’m about to buy the others.

Do you have banjo tab for the tunes on your videos? I’ve only been playing for a couple of years now and I’ve found it difficult to work up breaks for some of the tunes. Also, some of the tabs I’ve located are highly ornamented and stylized (Sitting on Top of the World by Shelor, I think, especially).


You need to come to my banjo camp, where one of the main orders of business is to learn to create your own solos based on melodies of songs. Learning a lot of these from tab is not going to get you “there”. At some point you have to learn to write your own paragraph, not just memorize other people’s.

[Update 9-09:] Please check out my latest video, Make Up Your Own Banjo Solos. In a sense, it is about “teaching you how to fish” instead of “selling you a fish”. Some of my instruction materials have tabs for solos on some of the songs on the jam videos, but you’d be better off seeing what you can come up with on your own, and by just watching/listening to what you hear being played, and making your best guesses. Best of luck!

Pete Wernick