Kurtis writes:

Pete, I purchased slowjamming and would like to do more than just strum. I can do 3 or 4 diff. rolls but can’t fit them in with your jamming. Can you suggest some good right hand picking or rolls that I can use on the slowjamming video. I can’t figure out your right hand picking from watching you on the video.

Pete answers:

It happens we’re about to do a backup video, where I’ll show a lot of what I do on the video that you have.

Any roll you know will fit to the beats we’re doing. The speed is about 70 or 75 beats a minute, with TWO beats per 8-note roll. Just make sure every roll starts where there is a beat. Listen to the bass notes for where the beats are located.

If you feel you need more guidance than the above, you might try getting my one-hour video Get Rolling, which shows exactly how to synchronize rolls to a typical bluegrass rhythm. The speed on the two videos is about the same, so if you get the hang of it with Get Rolling, you can then play along with both videos.

I hope that helps!