Brian Writes:

Pete – have you ever used a click track to record? What are your feelings on the subject.

Depends on a number of factors, Brian. If it’s a whole band, it depends on how well people can play to a click track. Some people are fine with it, some not.

Sometimes just one band member (drummer, mando player) listens to the click, and the other people just hear that person’s rhythm.

At high speeds, it’s great to have one person whose rhythm just stays put and everyone can follow. A click can be “that person”.

I think individual musicians should practice enough with a metronome/drum machine so that their timing is naturally reliable, and the band should play enough together (while listening attentively but not self-consciously) to where their rhythm typically “locks in”. Then just try to preserve that in the studio. Ideally you don’t want people to play slavishly to a click, but with one another.