Closet pickers, this is for you!

Pete (“Dr. Banjo”) Wernick offers jam camps nationwide. Most events are in conjunction with bluegrass festivals!

Pete’s inventive teaching method focuses on the student’s desire to play music in a social setting. Pete’s emphasis is to address the general lack of this type of learning situation, and these camps have been launching beginning jammers everywhere!

Pete will show you how to be in a bluegrass jam session, fitting in at your own ability level. You will be jamming the first morning!

Watch a Wernick Method class, and hear what the students and teacher say!


  • Understanding, low-pressure, experienced teaching by Pete and Joan Wernick.
  • Hands-on learning in large and small groups
  • How to play lead, fake solos, sing harmony
  • Group and individualized instruction on backup techniques.
  • Ground rules and etiquette; learn many bluegrass standards,
  • In over 100 camps, we’ve taught hundreds to jam. You can too!

All bluegrass instruments, all skill levels welcome.
Supportive instruction and easy and fun jamming! Registration limited.

How you qualify:

It’s easier than you may think!

If you play guitar, mandolin, banjo, fiddle, bass, resonator guitar, even autoharp or dulcimer, you can be part of a bluegrass jam.

Only requirements: You must be able to tune your instrument (electronic tuning devices welcome) and change smoothly between G, C, D, and A. Fast playing is not expected, nor is the ability to solo required.

Comments from recent jam campers:

“I have been waiting to start playing real bluegrass with people for quite a while, and now I can.”

“There was a lot packed into those few days… the excitement of learning to jam with others, making real live honest-to-bluegrass music, and getting to know some really wonderful and supportive people.”

“I feel that it is the beginning of a whole new world for me.”

“It was a beautiful thing to see Pete’s clear pleasure at a group of learners singing harmony for the first time, or a musician taking their first out-of-the-closet solo.”

“Pete Wernick, a.k.a. Dr. Banjo, is a fine musician and a fine teacher, able to keep forty people interested and on track while staying very relaxed. Chris and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, we learned a lot from our time there, and we plan on returning next year.”
— Rick Saenz (2003 MerleFest Jamcamper)
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